"Are patients getting sick or cured in hospitals?''

I am willing to write a magazine article about this topic:
"Are patients getting sick or cured in hospitals?''
This is mostly about the hospital environment where the patient stays for days weeks and even months. Here in my country, patients are left as objects where health professionals visit them for a short period of time, do their job in minutes and then disappear! Patients spend the rest of their time with pain, listening and watching other sufferers , and waiting for death.
They are isolated from the world.
When we visit relative patients in minutes, we feel the bad conditions they live in, talk for minutes and then forget about it. But they, patients, are the ones who have to stay there and try to cope with it.
Obviously, this is not right and must be changed.
Please help me by 'donating' ideas!!
What are the bad things you notice in hospitals?
What are the good things that you notice in hospitals and is done somewhere in the world?
What are the good things that you notice(from your ideas and imagination)?
If we had to make a non-profit organization to deal with this, then what will it have to do?
This is mostly about fixing the hospital's environment and making a better place where patients can enjoy their stay!

social workers, clowns, magicians....anything,, I respect all ideas!

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