There is a system for FUN teaching and learning, the same system can be used for conflict resolution and entertainment.

Fun is learning - "play" is learning a skill or tool and applying it to learn another skill or tool or improve an existing one. The definition of "fun" is the chemical reward in your brain for learning something new.

There are 2 types of learning - one is confirming what you knew (happy) when it happens fast it is "funny" - this is affirming your experiential perspective or success at learning a skill. The other is shifting perspective - learning you are wrong. This hurts, makes you sad, but is still entertaining because you are learning. You can experience both of these through empathy or directly.

Frustration - is experimentation failure without feedback you can use to improve

Boredom - is lack of experimentation or being able to apply process to learn something new.

There are 2 types of conflict in human nature (every conflict is a weighted combination of both of these problems):

Misunderstanding - 2 people have similar or the same perspective but there is a language problem (infinite ways of expressing the SAME concept). To resolve this conflict requires translation (this is relatively easy if there is a translator available since the problem is singular and perspective the same)

Misexperiential - (a word I invented) - based on an infinite number of life experiences 2 people can view the same situation TOTALLY differently and both "be right" from their perspective. In order to resolve this conflict you need to allow each individual to see the other person's perspective in their own language. To shift you must identify the experience and show how the other sees (metaphor, or a story usually).

In any disagreement there are 3 possibilities - one person is right and the other wrong (one off the logic stream) - both are wrong (both off the logic stream) - both are right and on different positions on the logic stream (one is failing to see the logic past their own current understanding).

This is "Duality Theory" I would like to do a talk on this

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