money, will people work for less?

yes of course we can work for less. i make 18k a year and i am happy. whole countries work for less.(china, india, &mexico) doctors in mexico make alot less, like 30k a year. people, when they retire (with plenty of money in the bank) often volunteer their time, work for free, these people are just as smart as when they had a paying job, they are still contributing to the communty. and when you get more money, like 100k, you just end up wasting it, paying more for things than other people do, e.g. $3000 for a watch, when a $20 watch would be fine. the less money you make the more careful you are with it. also, when you are rich, you tend to give your money away (charity, bribes),you really don't know the value of money.
in a money free world, you exchange favors, if you want people to work for you, for instance helping you move, you feed them pizza and beer and you help them when they need you. and you expect them to feed you when you do.
for millions of years, the human race had no money to exchange.
well, we did exchange sea shells. ; )

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