Who am i? What is this imitable meme or habit, idea or expression called Wayne?

i believe that you, like i, have been appointed to guide the fate of a universe. Our macrocosmic persons, aka my and yourself, are individually mutable pieces of infinity.

Like Yourself, My physical self is a corporation of transient life forms occasionally enjoying convenient and expedient social conventions not unlike civilization.

i am Myself as you Yourself are:

1) A tool through which the smallest parts of us collaborate mutually beneficial expressions of skill.

2)The express means through which we discover, test and assimilate those truths or knowledge which are commonly relevant to our continued existence.

3)The vector of our ubiquitous motivation to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

The ultimate divergence of these three; skill, knowledge and motivation, equates our behavior and expounds the first order of life, which is to survive infinity.

What do You think?

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