What if there's no consequences associated with choosing and making decision?

There is a research to a tribal society in remote island in Scotland. They don't have rules, procedures, steps, ethics not even law. But the community live in peace and harmony? What's the secret? When there's no consequences, then there's no fear of making mistakes. When there's no fear of making mistakes then everyone doesn't feel obliged to carefully choose. When people don't have to feel the pressure of being measured, they are free mentally and psychologically, the two human instrument for making choices.

They don't compete, not in race, not in comparison, not in self-actualization. They are not afraid of consequences of being punished, condemned, blamed, measured, audited, evaluated, reviewed, assessed or sentenced. And when they are free in this two human instruments, they only make good choices! They choose things that will benefit most. Not only will benefit most for self or for anyone. They observe only what is right, best and benefiting for nobody will say it's not or demand better choices.

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Then nothing would ever happen.

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