Everyone can be happily unemployed.

As more and more jobs can be done by automated processes, we need less people to work. We have pizza shops/restaurants that are completely automated. We can rent videos out of a vending machine, or streaming. Will it get to the point where technology is so efficient that we will have barely any work? This could crank up the unemployment rate, but is that necessarily a bad thing? How will we cope with this?

Some clarifications:
Let's define work as something you don't want to do. Some examples would be cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, assembly line jobs, work in a coal mine. If there is something you want to do, like cooking, because of curiosity, or any other reason, then that's fine. If you want to do journalist work, then good! Perfectly acceptable. I don't envision people doing nothing. I'd imagine people would still want to watch the olympics, have fashion shows, comedy shows, etc.

The gist of the idea is to point out that sometimes things get more efficient, like in Mick Mountz warehouse, or in farms where a ton of food is produced by fewer and fewer people. So just because a company is growing, or a farm is growing, or a warehouse is growing, doesn't mean there are more jobs. It could be more cost effective to have computers/robots do the work that humans really don't feel like doing every day of their lives. So if we go with that trend, that would mean fewer jobs are available even though the population climbs?

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