Evolution is evolving to see the world the way it's useful, not the way it is, like color! Perspective is the same, let's start here.

Through evolution over thousands of years we have grown to see "color" though it really is not there. Color is just the brain assigning "color" to different wave lengths in light frequencies. So it's clear that we haven't evolved to see the world the way it is but rather the way it's useful (color helped humans to survive when it was first introduced).
Perspective seems to be the same thing. Isn't it a wonderful thing that a mathematician can get something completely different than an artist from the world? That is perspective.
Perspective is your brain working to its advantages. For example, a left brain dominant will rely on numbers because this is what he's skilled with. Naturally, techniques will appear as a result of your individual perspective. We can harvest these differences!
As a society (using Maslow's hierarchy to illustrate my idea) we see that some are farmers, for example, and others do other kinds of work such as mathematics or even art. Basically, if we all cared only for ourselves and did not work together, we would all have to make the advancements of human history ourselves (calculus, food, science etc.) which is simply impossible.
Rather than working apart, we work as a whole (society) so that we may "convert" work. For example, a mathematician does his job yet he still gets fed though he is not a farmer and still has clothes though he doesn't make them.
I think people can learn to be a little more like each other and these differences are something to be cherished. I feel this so strongly that I think we should organize ourselves in a way that we have this natural freedom to develop and master ourselves-Daniel Pink:Drive (as this will have applicable products like a mathematician discovering math).
Basically, let's re-engineer the way we're organized so that economics and the like revolves around us rather than the other way around.
We lose so much potential when someone wanting to attend school can't because of money or the like.

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