Has the Tide Turned?

At this unprecedented fork in history, a time where our species has developed sufficient technology either to destroy itself or sufficient spirit to consciously evolve itself as a new humanity.... there are those who feel that the 'tide has already turned.’

This metaphor is taken from these words from Lynn Twist, "In a way, one way of looking at this is like the tide that turns in the ocean. When the tide turns in the ocean it turns way down deep where no one can see. And then it takes some time before it rises to the surface and then you see the tides turning. And I think the tide has turned. And we're just beginning to see it and feel it on the surface of life as we know it. “

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Let me look out my window... Yep its on its way out now..

Maybe, maybe not. The real question is, would it too late for the wave to swish into the other direction?

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What would the tide then symbolize in your comment?

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Haha. In that case, the bed sheets have turned.

yes about a decade ago things really started going downhill.

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