Re-creating Community. Today, "community" is not well-defined. It's scattered, broken, every-family-for-itself. It needs re-defining.

With true Wisdom-Culture cooperative community, most of the problems of 21st Century society are pre-solved.
SOFTWARE: Children are raised by multiple parent figures--essentially women, several women, eliminating promiscuity. Security is created via the principle of harmlessness and the sense of stability that comes from integration into unity with all of life. The understanding of how such cooperative communities (Coop-Coms) can work is already available. And the principles and general format of the CoopCom can be adapted to many different lifestyles, cultural forms and beliefs.
HARDWARE: Certain home structuressuch as monolithic domesrequire little energy to heat and cool, are rounded and beautiful like Nature, virtually disaster-proof, and can last a thousand years. Most of the food needed by the 16-25 persons (average size of a given community) is grown in the community garden. In most cases, water and energy are provided by wells and energy sources on the community property. The need for the power grid is thus obviated. Barter with other such communities provides most where-with-all. Little travel is necessary as most essentials are right at home.

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