We are all living in bubbles. We feel safe in them, forgetting they are build by internal or external necessities and only temporary.

We all live in bubbles, in our jobs, our families, our relationships. These bubbles are created by external necessities: the demand for products, the need for human relations. And the structure follows.
In these bubbles processes and people succeed that fit best these necessities. But these bubbles are only temporarily and only hold as long the athmosphere is right. If the pressure changes, competition highers it or sinking demand lowers it, they burst. Told stories about them by our grandparents, we look at them bewildered. The same will happen with us and our children.
The same happens when we make holidays or change company. We have to learn new rules again. The laws that seemed to rule the world we forget at an amazing pace. One month later and we forgot about the tyrannic boss who was king of our daily business and nightly dreams.
So why is it that we stay in the same structure? That we seek security? Do what we’ve done for years and talk to people whose opinions got ours? Why do we only see the existing and not the possible?
Most humans are copy machines. They look what others do and than repeat it. Being average, in the middle, feels safe. Only if we are pushed by strong needs (eg. Sex drive), we overcome this burden. So most humans have this program: fit in, do the same as everybody else, getting all you need for being satisfied and settle. Looked at it with this perspective, character is only a matter of psychopathy. The normal gets what he needs and/or is happy fast. The extravagant has a huge ego that wants to be satisfied and which drives him to do unusual things: to be a murderer or a saint, a scientist, an artist or a drinker. Coming from problems in the childhood, unsatisfied sex drive, it is usually a deficit which is the driver for greatness.

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