Has science caused us to slow down our evolution

We have removed the need to adapt to survive by making everything much easier, we no longer always died if we catch a disease, we not longer have to struggle to find food, it's not the most successful individuals that are passing their genes onto the next generation but anyone who is capable of finding someone else to have children with. So in doing this has the need for survival of the fittest gone and the constant force selective force of evolution with that. Or have we reached an age where it is no longer the same perception of what fittest is. Is this the stem of our problems like over population, lack of food and space. If so why is this what we are letting happen, mankind got to be where we are through evolution, so why try to stop it by reaching a point we're comfortable at? It doesn't mean that the process is finished, if it ever can but we're fighting something that is a tried and tested method to develop species into being more and more successful. And more so what may be deemed to be successful in our terms now, wealth and power, are less and less becoming the people to pass on their genes but instead its the people who rely on their offspring to help them, be it via labour as in 3rd world countries or through government benefits like in Briton where the more children you have the more support you will receive?

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Possibly. I haven't thought of that before.

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