We should begin to use the process of RECALL to quickly remove ineffective politicians from office. We need to make it nationwide quickly.

Politicians generally hold office for term of 2, 3, 4 or 6 years in the U.S.

Politicians spend a great deal of time trying to get into office and an equal or greater amount of time seeking reelection. Little time is spent on doing the business for which they were elected.

As politicians only need to win the vote once every few years, they feel safe from most acts of commission and most acts of omission.

Say we have a group representing 4,000 people in our state, and we present our desires to a politician running for office, say Mitt R. We tell him we're Pro Choice. He tells us that's great because he's pro choice as well. Once in office,(with our support), he votes against choice. Now that we feel betrayed, we have to wait 4 years to have a shot at getting the legislation we really wanted in the first place. Mitt R feels safe.

Mitt R wouldn't feel safe if we actively used the process of recall. He would know from Day 1 that if he doesn't follow marching orders that we will Can HIM.

It feels great to just say it.

We have been seeking reform and congress gets to bickering. We have to wait until Jan 2013 to see what our new spending cuts will truly be. These clowns work for us. We're great employers. We pay them for doing exactly what they've been hired to do. We won't fire them if they follow instructions. We should fire them if they are incompetent, lazy, thieves or stupid. WE DON'T. We let them finish out their term which may be as long as 6 years. This makes us dumb employers, asleep at the switch.

If they know we're serious about good honest employees, and that we'll fire them quickly, then they'll either do good work or we'll replace them with someone who will work well.

Once we get this process in full swing, crooks and lazy guys will think twice before seeking office.

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