WHO has instilled, in every one of us-the inward of our very beings, the very notion/conception of RIGHT & WRONG?

I understand that going to those who are hurting and confused and teaching....
But when you take a person whose life has been ridiculed with shame guilt and condemnation, turn their mind inward to focus on a right & wrong, in an atmosphere that is so black with twisted WRONGS of society-Can cause increased mass confusion....
My question: WHO has instilled, in every one of us-the inward of our very beings, the very notion/conception of RIGHT & WRONG?
You can fill a mind with Philosophy- but just as Solomon went to the grave with great wisdom, he truly missed the mark of engraved moral ethics that was birthed within himself. Moral Right & Wrong is the very "instinct" that has been placed inside every "will" of the human being. Who put that in us?

The two Greatest forces in the World -Is that of the inside self-The Human Will...But the Greatest is what is outside of Self and that is the Will of God. When one can understand that we have the ability to tap into the Will of God, through Love, we can profoundly change our thinking process and our wills. When God and mans wills are intertwined, it can perform the miraculous towards lasting change. Without it, you can "bend" the Human Mind/Will/Emotions=Suke' (Greek= Soul) all day and still be left empty with just thoughts and no change in character. You are still left with Self-trying to make its own parameters through life. You are playing with fire when you go into an atmosphere and use hurting people like "lab rats" by turning their minds even more inward. Balance.... This concept has no counter balance.
A person does not have to be in prison to be locked up... The biggest prison that we all carry is our mind/will/emotions=Soul. Without our Spirit connected to the Will of God through Love, we are just a resounding Gong of babble and go to the graves never even tapping into the GREATEST potentials of our lives.

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Community, society. Who knows how if first came around but it has been passed down through every generation. The ideas may differ but everyone has a concept of right and wrong, we all just won't agree with which is truly RIGHT OR WRONG.

For me, it is God. Many do not want to acknowledge that, and choose to ignore it.

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