Do you thing you are actually helping the environment? Are you really trying?Stop! I have to say again! Stop! The more you try, the more you are damaging what is around you.Remember this word “PHOTOSYNTHESIS”.Do you remember learning this in elementary school?Photosynthesis is the source of energy for nearly all life on earth! This so complicated, ingenious and resourceful idea was brought to me by my 9 year old little boy a couple of years ago. He said:“Dad! What is the difference of a big tree and a small tree? The bigger tree gives more oxygen because it has more leafs! If we don't cut the grass and let it grow, we would have more leafs."A simple and yet innovative and resourceful idea. Let's try to be a little lazy! Yes! That is right! Be lazy and do not cut the grass in the front yard, let it grow a few extra inches.This simple action is equivalent of planting a tree. Each 100 square feet of an extra 2 inches of fresh grass is like I planted a tree without any effort. Imagine if the whole world contributes to this simple action, a new ecosystem can be formed. The more plants, the more photosynthesis, the better the environment and for this simple action global warming can become something from the past.I am starting this project and with your help, spread this idea, show that is very simple to plant a tree.BE A LITTLE LAZY, LET THE GRASS OF YOUR BACKYARD GROW!SHARE!Franklin Chi

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I havent mowed since September, but I'm near buffalo

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