Search for a single question which would get a unanimous answer from all 7 billion humans alive now?

It seems true that the liklihood of unanimity is inversely proportional to the number of opinions/answers received. Is there a question with which every person asked would agree with the response of all others? As an example question: "Would you, in exchange for getting everything you want for the rest of your life, never tell another lie?"

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You want everyone to answer the same thing? Ask them of they're alive

Just because you put a question mark at the end, doesn't mean it's a question.

Have you seen my keys anywhere?

Impossible! Babies don't have the ability to answer properly.

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I don't get the purpose of the picture being there, really.

no question can get a unanimous answer since some philosophies dictate non-existence or that we are already dead or similar belief

Something should be done to stop pollution so that we don't destroy our own planet

are you alive?

@Charleybear are you alive?

I think someone really cool said that already

Are you breathing?

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