Fixing the economy with Deliquifaction of Assets. Or rather, turning cash sitting in banks into buildings, roads, schools and jobs.

Banks supply loans of rich people's money. Why not create an economy where instead of having a few thousand people sitting on most of the money and having banks charge interest to loan it out, we have a system that mandates spending that money? Whether it is spent on investments in technology or infrastructure, insurance, stocks, or a series of very expensive custom guitars, the effect would be beneficial for the parties spending the money, the parties receiving the money, and the economy in general.

Rough draft proposal:
Any individual (or corporation) with over (ballpark) 25k in liquid assets (i.e. cash money) is required to invest the balance in some way. They either buy stocks, invest in new technology and research, pay better wages to get higher value employees, buy a boat or do other things to prevent the money from stagnating in a fat cat bank account.
Cutting out banks as a middle man between the money men and the idea men will only help to rehumanize the business world. Investors will be more like a silent partner. Instead of interest investees simply share a percentage of profits.
Even if people just buy six cars, a new house, and an ostrich ranch, it would still be stimulating the economy and fairly redistributing wealth, allowing for a higher standard of living.
I feel like this makes sense, but I also just really want to believe there can be some way to make things better that might be acceptable in the context of a capitalist system.

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