It's fabulous to have "Children Services" for parents with young kids & for those who want to have kids but are afraid of the burdens

My friends are trying very hard in finding reliable baby sitters from time to time. Like wise, my other friends and relatives really love to have kids but they are afraid of the burdens raising them.

The ones who already have kids from time to time feel some sort of break out due to the exhaustion of taking care the youngsters. Having to make meals , feed, change diapers, play & put them to bed & wake up in the middle of the night when the baby cries, etc. drains your energy quickly.

The ones who love kids , in the other hands, may like the idea but they may not know how much devotion & energy they must endure to keep up being parents. They love seeing them running around , playing & laughing with them, and educating them. But then thinking about the burden, they end up with none.

Thus why not forming an agency to make money by providing baby sitting for those parents , and also make money from those who want to play with kids without having to raise them by baby sitting other people kids; Like rental a kid type of service. It's kind of COOL idea to me.

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