In your experience, what are the three most important aspects to having a successful marriage?

There are many different opinions about what makes a marriage work. What, in your own experience, is important for the best chance of success? You can list what you’ve personally experienced or things you’ve learned from experts or friends. Give at least three examples.

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The children all look different in this picture. Perhaps the secret is adultery.

Well, I have no experience with being married, or any relationship for that matter, but I do know what's been said in movies and music, and what I've heard from people.

1.Trust is the number one thing a relationship should have.

2.If there's a problem, you should talk it over instead of immediately trying to get a divorce. Marriage isn't easy, and no one said it would be.

3.Never go to bed angry. You should make amends before the day ends, because you never know when it'll be your last day on earth.

It looks like the blonde girl has no eyebrows

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