The idea is to educate/ inspire the future with an opposite to racism! LEARN - Let's End All Racism Now!!!

Twenty plus years ago I was watching the Sally Jesse Rafael Show. They had skin heads on, making audience members cry. I thought; these people are idiots, LEARN!!! I imagined millions of people standing beside me, screaming LEARN at these hateful, hurtful individuals. Than I thought LEARN? LEARN what? There has to be something anyone could say, that if they're reallllly against racism; they'd have no problem saying it. I thought for a while and it hit me, LEARN - Let's End All Racism Now, because if you're reallllly against racism, you should know problem saying it. We created a logo, the word racism goes into a broken heart. Why? Because if you ask a million people what racism is, you'll get a million different opinions. To me racism causes the feeling of a broken heart hovering over society. So to a child the message/ doesn't just say Let's End All Racism Now, it's say's Let's End All Broken Hearts Now. The media and polticians ignored me; LEARN has been used in NYC schools and schools around the world. While that's nice, it's not enough!!! I'm not a silly man, I do not think we can end racism; but I'm 100% certain we could/ and should spread an opposite to it. LEARN - Let's End All Racism Now, spread the word!!!

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