Don't eat your breakfast!

Ok, I have no idea if eating breakfast is bad for you or not. The majority of diets and nutrition fads don't seem to be based on much scientific evidence. I think as long as you're getting enough nutrients, the times of day you eat, order you eat, and who you eat with probably don't affect you very much at all. The fact that such subjects even get so much attention when a third of the world is starving is slightly insane.

But all of that aside, why is it supposedly so important to eat breakfast? No other species has the easy access to food that humans enjoy. A jaguar doesn't wake up and have a bowl of cereal and a coffee to get them going. It seems to me that most animals expend energy prior to consuming food so maybe we ought to be starting out our day with a workout, not breakfast.

I've never been much of a breakfast eater and I often make myself eat something in the morning because its been drilled into me that its healthy but maybe we should just listen to our bodies and eat when we're hungry.

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Don't tell me what meals not to eat.

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Breakfast is fucking delicious.

@cookiedough Breakfast is fucking delicious.

Pancakes are the best. Sometimes the only reason I wake up on Saturday mornings is to make me a pancake the size of my face.

It gets your metabolism started so your body is less likely to store the food you eat throughout the day as fat. And there are indeed credible studies to back that up.

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I'm glad you're so zealous about your exercise, that sort of interest in exercise will probably make you live to a much older age and keep you in comparably better shape to the average person your age. Your stance on breakfast is rather disagreeable though, well maybe not for you but definitely for me. I have a trashy sleeping pattern so I require food and coffee not to get me going but in fact to keep me going.

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"No other species does this or that..." Humans are different from other species. In fact, all species are different from other species. That's why we categorize them as other species. I hate when people compare humans to other species and use that as an argument to suggest that something is or isn't natural.

"No other mammal drinks milk after they grow up." Yeah? Well no other mammal walks around staring at their cell phones all day but does that mean we shouldn't do it?
"Some other species partake in homosexual activities too." I'm not against homosexuals but this is simply not a valid argument.
"A jaguar doesn't wake up and have a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee to get them going." A jaguar doesn't spin webs to catch its food either. Does that mean spiders should stop doing it?

It's called breakfast for a reason, you're breaking your fast from while you were asleep

I don't eat breakfast because I'm lazy and don't wake up early enough for it. I'm perfectly fine without it.

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