The greatest challenge of African Development is the bankruptcy of leadership

The greatest challenge facing my
nation today is very simply a
lack of dynamic, proactive and
visionary leadership. I am 57 going on
to 58 and I can say without a shadow
of doubt that my generation and the
generation before me has failed dismally.
Leadership in my country (and I suspect
for the rest of my continent) is fatally
flawed, remarkably mediocre, visionless,
directionless and clueless. The comparisons
that we make are always to those
below us and never to those above us
to whom we should aspire to emulate.
No wonder we end up patting ourselves
on the back for achievement and award
ourselves badges of excellence and honour.
It is clearly a case of “In the kingdom
of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”.
Meanwhile, all around us is deprivation
and squalor, poverty and disease, ignorance
and failure.

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