Could the answer to our happiness be found in NO expectations?

If I work a long day and expect dinner on the table when I get home, I am disappointed (and possibly angry) when the expectation is not met. If dinner is on the table, it is merely what I expected. I may exchange pleasantries and say “Thank You”. But the experience is completely different if I had no expectation and found that someone had thought of me and taken the time to prepare a meal for me. My gratitude is real. My enjoyment is real. The experience of the meal is increased.

When I expect nothing, I am more than just “not disappointed” when I receive. I am pleased and thankful, even for the smallest things.

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That's how I roll. You can't get upset if you don't have expectations.

not at all. Happiness can be found in meeting expectations, but to have no expectations would mean to feel no fulfillment

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