computer as the extention of the nervous system. is a global cyber"nervous" system in creation?

a cell and machine interrelationship is creating a new evolutionary "entity".
my brain/body shapes itself to be able to plug in and participate.

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No. It's a tool. Though not necessarily Satan's tool.

Two of my all time favorite movies are "Lawnmower Man" and "Johnny Mnemonic" - both of which deal with this topic. I have always been fascinated by such, and the likelihood of it occurring is pretty strong. One of my college professors back in the late 80's said that Artificial Intelligence was moving to that end, and he believed it would take place at some point and time. The rise of robots and that technology is advancing rapidly, so it would make logical sense to see a fusion of the two at some point.

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Get that thread started...........

yes but what makes me wonder is at one point do you replicate a human enough to create consciousness

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