Get people to participate in a positive fun 'No-plastic' shopping activity.

The plastic-pollution problem is so big it makes individuals feel helpless. This negative attitude, then, becomes the real problem. It is the same 'helpless' attitude that keeps people from taking to the streets in America to stop war or to get involved in activities that bring back community and compassion to human existence. I have an idea that might start the ball rolling in the right direction regarding plastics pollution.
My idea is to start with "no plastic" days at shopping centers in a community or city or whatever. My idea would be to elicit the help of local Senior Centers and Community groups to make shopping bags out of T-shirts (sow up the bottom, put the food in through the hole your head would normally go through and use the arm holes as a handle to carry the 'bag'). While the T-shirt bag may not be optimal for carrying things, it could make it a fun thing to do. People could donate old shirts, others could volunteer to wash and sow.
Once I could get a few of these events going, I would contract with some group or company to make burlap (or cotton) pull-overs that could be used as shopping bags. You would insert a paper bag (or, optimally, one of the T-Shirt bags) to prevent things from falling out through the arm and head holes. There would be a set of handles on the front and back of the other end of the bag. People would get into wearing them to go shopping because they would have clever graphics or sayings on them (hopefully getting the "no more plastic" message out) that somehow expressed their individuality; this would help them remember to bring the bag with them. You would pull the bag off when you got to the cash register.
The idea would be to build to a National "no plastic" day where competition between communities (for the cleverest recycling idea or best looking shopping-bag pullovers and other ideas like clever hats and colorful outfits). The idea is to make it fun to reduce the pain of the activity so as to empower people

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