If we are evolving beings then what do you think we will evolve into in the future?

Science fiction has had many ideas about where we will evolve in the next step of human evolution. I am interested in what other think about where we will end up as "evolving beings". Huge heads? Living without bodies as pure spirit? One giant hive mind?

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Not much. Our "advanced" technology has all but brought natural selection to a halt. In the wild, people with hindering traits would die off, but modern medicine keeps that from happening. So we have nearly stopped ourselves from evolving

We would evolve into 'homo sapiens sapiens sapiens' or 'homo-robo sapiens'.

Trogdor. Trogdor is the next step. Trogdor will strike again.

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Well I agree that we're not evolving, at least not very much, but your logic is flawed. It often takes millions of years for any signs of a species evolving to become apparent.


Am I the only person who has noticed that the new generations of children are very short? I, myself, am short but children these days are barely surpassing 5 feet. I think it's weird. Maybe it's just where I live but idk.

how can we possibly predict that? evolution of a species is impacted by changes to the environment, population, food chain and available resources. We are ruining this planet, there is no way to know how humans will evolve, let alone if we will even survive long enough for a new species to form

brrrrhrrrrhrrrrhrrrr james is homo jimmy he wants men to evolve into men who only do men

I hope we evolve into reptiles.

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Physically simple, intellectually superior beings much like the alien "grays" who some say are time-traveling humans from the distant future...

Morbidly obese Bieber fanatics who force our children into pageants and can't throw away anything we keep stored in our house.

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