Are we limiting our children by not encouraging them to travel and learn languages for active use. The world is large, and they need to know

The world is a large place. I think of all the children let alone adults whom never really travel outside the country. I really feel that people really need to know that the world is a big welcoming place. Languages are meant to be used. I must confess that ever since my opportunity came for me to travel to Europe from the USA, my mind about world affairs has been opened. I don't look at the world the same way anymore. I now know that bigger things are happening "out there." Our children need to have the desire to travel and learn about new cultures without fear or hesitation. This should not only be a privilege for the wealthy. The world was made for everyone, and there should be programs in place to make sure more children travel.

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I like i when I don't know a language, and I have to get creative to communicate.
But you have a point there :)
Schools are usually limited to teaching Spanish and French, in America, and you don't get a chance to learn dual languages in school until Junior High, anyways.

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i speak english fluently, spanish not fluently but fluent enough, and am learning french right now.

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