prediction of mass change in the world good or bad?

globaThere are so many ideas out there saying that there will be a mass change in the world sometime soon, some being: global warming, run out of fossil fuels, technology singularity, photon belt or golden nebular, the great polar shift or even the 2012 Maya calendar shift of bak’tun number 12 to 13.
I’ve only just read up about the ideas about the polar shift, from my limited knowledge so far this is basically the north and south poles switch places, the magnetic fields on earth reverses. Although these are extremely rare, there is supposably one due in the near future. With the evidence that the Earth’s magnetic intensity is declining rapidly and picking up speed this seems possible.

There is evidence that magnetic forces have a great deal to do with life on earth, so what kind of change would this kind of shift bring, or what changes would the other predictions bring? And would a massive, unpredictable, world changing event really be a bad thing? Of course I understand that question is dependent on the result of the change, but if you were given the decision right now if you wanted a mass change or not, totally random for good or bad, or just plain different, would you do it?

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