Is still Superman a superhero? Do we still need to be rescued by him? Or do we prefer heroes such as Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?

There was a golden age when characters such as Superman, Spiderman, X-Men (Marvel Comics) were considered by everyone Superheroes. Can we still consider them in such position? Or maybe it's time for them to retire because new modern figures and icons are invading our culture, our books and our movies.
It's time to leave space to new modern heroes such as Harry Potter and Edward Cullen of Twilight.
Did heroes changed because we changed? Because what we need is not to be rescued by the usual villain anymore. What we need it's a kind of magic and romance in our lives.
Do you think it is true?

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Harry Potter, hands down

Don't you DARE compare that sparkly creep to the beloved Harry Potter!

I think they all are great...

nah he's old news

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