Couid a wind energy economy cause millions of fatalities?

You have often heard of a "worst case scenario" which is a gross over-estimate of potential fatalities (hormesis considerations) from a nuclear transient, but have you ever heard of a worst case scenario for a wind economy?

In Germany wind turbines are only on line 20% of the time and need 100% back up generation. Let us suppose that we have 10% of our base load power coming out of the wind corridor extending from Chicago to Texas. This is roughly 100,000 mW of installed capacity. We have 100% back up power.

Next the US is dominated by a Bermuda HIgh that kills the wind throughout the entire center of the country. We have the highest heat indices seen in a million years with Houston having temperatures of 110 degrees with 70% humidity for two weeks.

When the wind dies we see almost the total loss of wind energy which equals roungly 95,000 mW of installed capacity. Just like nuclear power where we lose back up coolant with wind you lose 50% of your back up power. The grid is missing roughly 1 1/2 X the total electrical output of New York State.

You cannot buy an air conditioner for 1000 miles. Everyone plugs in their AC. Missing 50,000 mW of installed capacity with wildly excess demand causes the grid to collapse with rolling blackouts throughout the country. No one will turn of their air conditioner which just means that the start-up load of 300 million air conditioner trying to start keeps the grid down for two weeks.

If 200 million people cook in their homes, you will lose 1% of the population to heat stroke and perhaps as many as 10% or 2 million to 20 million people, mostly babies, the infirm and the elderly.

This wind worst case scenario is far worse than a worst case scenario involving nuclear energy and 1000 X more likely.

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