Is audible understanding better than the visual understanding?!

I think visually we are more intellectual rather than understanding it by some sound patterns.Although I am not saying that probing the universe in that way(collecting data in the form of sound) is totally wrong because it is an effective procedure to retrieve information from the earliest times of the universe.
But I think the main problem only arises when we try to interpret the data we have retrieved from the a radio or micro wave source as sound!! It becomes difficult for us to understand the conclusions,patterns etc., and decode them.Instead if we convert that data of sound in the visual pattern as we do in CYMATICS ,it becomes easier for a person to understand the pattern.By doing as such there are many advantages, as we can find the similarities between several patterns ,comparing, manipulating it for several purposes etc.
Thus i think it would be better for us if we convert the retrieved sound data into a visualistic pattern.

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