Create a central online repository where scholars can access up to date multimedia courses from premier universities around the world

I am proposing a professionally designed website, dedicated to free open access to undergraduate and postgraduate courses where anyone may view, download, share, and comment on multimedia presentations by premier academicians on their fields of expertise. This is being done on a small scale by many universities, but as of yet there is not a centralized website.

In doing so we would provide resources for students and teachers to enhance learning and research, in addition to providing continuing education for adults. Perhaps it could even be used to train new employees in a specific field.

Ideally there would be optional online examinations that would verify completion of the course and would allow students to achieve some sort of degree in different fields. Of course this degree would not be a traditional baccalaureate degree, but perhaps we could create some sort of open source lesser equivalent.

Ideas? Suggestions? I look forward to hearing from the community!

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