To be a good parent is a knowledge that you are not born with, you learn it. Let’s share some advice on how to manage violent behaviour.

NEVER use violence on children!!!

Nowadays we study, and study and study, we go so many good schools, universities, we do more that one master, with so many studies on our cv’s we consider our self so educated, ready to manage people, departments, companies, our own business and more.
But today looking closely at our civil behavior, I really question myself, are we ready to manage ourselves?

Seeing today a parent slapping his child’s face so strongly that the child feel of his feet it made me reflect upon some idea that we hear often, but I am not sure if we really take it serious.
We often say that violence brings violence; do we really understand how true this is?
do we really understand that violence shows our weaknesses and our low self-esteem?
Did you know that hitting an adult or even worse hitting a child tells so much about yourself?

I am no specialist in human behavior but I think that every time you choose to solve an issue using violence you might think that:

  • you will gain respect,
  • you will have that child submitted to you,
  • you will have that child fear you
  • you will control that child,
  • you will give a good lesson,
  • you will change that child’s behavior into a better one
  • sometimes you even think that you will restore your pride.

In reality it means that:

  • you are a week person
  • you are a weak parent
  • you don’t know how to really communicate your ideas and opinions
  • you don’t know how to handle the situation
  • you have no control on yourself
  • you will not gain any respect, sometimes the opposite
  • you will give a wrong message, and no good lesson
  • you are fooling yourself of getting control over that child
  • and more important YOU ARE ILLEGAL!!!

“Fear is not a disease of the body; fear kills the soul.” Ghandi
Before you use violence on a child you might want to think:
Do you want to murder your child’s soul?

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