Movies - Overpriced Entertainment ?

It recently came to my notice that the movie tickets are over priced to fill in the pockets of directors and producers and these actor and actress.
its not like they need so much money ,most of the money will be left behind and go on to there successors and make them rich brat (Most of the cases).
Buying more than 10 houses is in no way justified if you want to decrease differences between people.
Actors charge higher and the chain continues and results in high price.
I live in India so i m telling from the conditions over here.
Is there any explanation or reason for making a good entertainment so over priced?
Sorry if you find my english hard to understand

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Yes, quite so. I'm increasingly inclined to wait until a movie is available as a rental or appears on a premium tv channel or Amazon Prime to view it. Theater costs have gotten out of line, especially when movie quality varies greatly.

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