Can we now ban brutal and abusive porn that demeans women by way of a class action suit to file for damages to women and society in general

Since virtually everyone agrees with Child porn and snuff films being illegal and these are fairly successfully being interdicted then why shouldn't the A.C.L.U. and the religious right now work together, with support from the majority of the rest of us, to stop the victimization of "18" year old women and the generation of young men who are addicted to ever grosser fixes of porn on the internet. If we can justify requiring healthy foods for the body and safer vehicles on the roads and fairer practices from banks why not stop the exploitation of our youth for profit.Yes many sites require that the person entering a site declare that they are 18. So? Any 16 yr old who is so honest that that protects them probably does not need protection. I do not know of an age, in any case, at which accustoming oneself to watching gang bangs is guaranteed to be harmless, do you? We make it difficult for minors to buy cigarettes because they are addicting and bad for your health and put strong warnings on the packages for the adults. Is there really any question that porn tends to addict and that porn that exploits women and sends the justifying message to rapists that all women really like it rough and no means yes, as the Ivy League frat boys recently chanted, is damaging to us all? I hope that brain science and psychology have advanced far enough to be able to give convincing evidence in court and start curbing the casual acceptance of treating women as objects with no right to object to anything.

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