Would it be possible that the outer edge of our universe has an unknown force? Similar to gravity...

The "Big Bang" in fact was an explosion. Correct. I noticed in a documentary about nuclear testing in our hemisphere and local space. That when a explosion occurs in "space". It creates a spherical ring of energy. That ring expands and grows. If there is not an opposing force to counter act or slow down this ring of energy. Wouldn't it continue to speed up to the speed of light? Now include in that ring. The mass, size and matter/dark matter created by the Big Bang. Could it be possible that the ring of "dark energy" has (x) amount of gravity? Would it be pulling dark matter along with itself and accelerating it along with the spherical ring of dark energy? Ever expanding at different rates. Creating what seems like randomness in our universe. We would never be able to see this, because it is outside of our scope.

Reminds me of pseudo randomness.

A pseudorandom process is a process that appears to be random but it is not. Pseudorandom sequences typically exhibit statistical randomness while being generated by an entirely deterministic causal process.

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in fact non-abelian world of electron core possess dark energy to encounter electron ring irresistible to formal vision of normal photonic entanglement around electron ring...
Biblical God blesses America...

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