Can we lower the cost structure of healthcare or other industies by minimizing the systems they have put in place to guard against abuse?

It appears to me that many industries have put overly cumbersome and expensive systems in place to ensure no one gets an "free ride" via cheating and dishonesty. I believe the vast majority of people are honest, sincere, and would not cheat even for their own benefit. How much cost and inefficiencies are we incurring to "catch" the few abusers out there? Many industries and the media focus on cases of abuse and by doing so inflate the severity of the problem. This has led to a structure where the customer of the service is assumed guilty first and must prove they are entitled. Yes, there will be those who abuse but systems should not be focused on abuse. It is a major distraction from the reason for the industries existance... delivering service.

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Absolutely worth considering..

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