Should we strive for a brand new Economic/Political system? Is it even possible to create one in this day and age?

During a recent discussion about sub-Saharan African Politics I began exploring whether the solution to many African countries' political and economic issues could not be found in some kind of neo-tribalism. After all, it has been argued that the dissolution of the tribal system and the subsequent downfall of the System of Law are down to a drastic change in the political and economic structure brought about by Colonisation. A very strong example of this is the Congo which, in the space of only 50years saw it's 200 tribes get engulfed into a one large bulk of administrative incompetence, corruption and kleptocracy.

I am not arguing that African countries should go back to tribalism, though I do wonder if we could not come up with a solution other than conforming these nations to one Western ideal.
Of course we are not only speaking of Economics or solely Politics, but as we all know, now days these two are very much intertwined.

During this conversation I was confronted with the following question:
"how can we imagine a completely new system that would actually work?" This person went on to argue that Socialism cannot be seen as an example of a new system because it is Utopian, it is a model, and it is a failed one at that.

But we must ask ourselves: Is Capitalism not Utopian? Is it not a model? Is it not failing as well?

While we pick ourselves up from the last Crisis and convince ourselves that this was induced by error and greed, our whole system might be in desperate need of a make-over.

Can we create a new system? YES WE CAN.

But How?

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