Would having a variety of fuels for diffrent parts of society be a first step in our current oil crisis?

Let me first say i havent done much research in my propositiions, so if there is a reason why this would not work let me know!

But i was just thinking if this would be a good idea, for in the u.s. to first stop all import of forign oil and switch to reserves we own. and then use the reserved oil for commercial viechles and power production only, and develop a hemp fuel that we would use in all private viechles and energy production. this would help develpo jobs in the hemp fuel production and leave us from being hostage to other countries supply regulations and issues and wars and stuff like that. in the meen time rapidly develpot alterative energys to run what the oil is running to get us off oil for good. eh?

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abdolutely not! Innovation and creativity will solve it.

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