In this modern society,we get something,we lose something。

with the development of society,we get more and more convienience from science and technology, such as condition of transport, internet and so on .it's true that sometimes we feel that we are close to each other . we contact with our friends by telephone or video. letter of paper? it's out of time . we creat a perfect world to service us .we make many dreams come true which we even cannot imagine in the old times.
however, after achieving this dreams, I always feel something is wrong. In my country, every day there are hundreds and thousands of migrant workers flood into large city to beautify its condition. among of them, some are to look for better opportunity, some are to make monney to support their family. in the rural, what you can see is the elder and children here and there. more and more stay-at-home children appear and stay with their grandparents.certainly, they miss their parents,too. However,realiti is crucial, better life and parent's compony, they just choose one ,their parents have make choice for them when they were little. i have a little cousin sister aged 3 years. she always said some words and do some things just as adult's style because she lives with her grandparents for long time. the elder shape children's mind and behavir.i donnot know wether shoud I worry about their future.

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