Improve the use of the Internet through collective intelligence. Receive many experiences to learn or work.

It was born out of a personal experience, and has greatly helped me in my work. I am a web designer and several colleagues have recommended different web resources (tools) – those that have the best images, the best selections of fonts, the ones that have the best web design, best places to find customers, etc. All of this for free!

Today my work and my knowledge base have improved considerably thanks to these tools (with everything together, I call it a PACKAGE Web Design), which took me years to find, and there are probably many more that I am not familiar with.

But what would happen if experts from different industries were to create PACKAGES with the best tools, having any one of these within a moment’s reach?

That is what the project named CustomizeInternet “Improve the use of the Internet through collective intelligence” is about. It is an environment specially developed to obtain the best of the Internet for each need, in a personalized way and with just one click. This permits you to find and install PACKAGES with the most useful websites for learning or working on what you need, all created by experts and constantly improved within the CustomizeInternet community.

I have discovered that when we learn from experts (PACKAGES), our knowledge base grows.

Also, personalized packages include basic PACKAGES for any Internet need (from sharing files, translating, writing a document, making calls, watching video, listening to music, publishing an ad, watching the news, etc).

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