Can someone explain to me why Marijuana is illegal in many countries including the United States?

I'm not looking for the, "because the law says so..." kind of answer. I am looking for root reasons. In the US a few days ago we nearly experienced a shut down in government over budget issues. We spend billions every year in the US dealing with marijuana, is it worth it?

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I think it got banned because hemp was a big up and comer that was going to put a lot of powerful companies under so they made up bullshit and banned it for the wrong reasons

The fact that no one thinks about who is growing this crap, where they are growing it, and how it actually affects the lives of the people charged with manufacturing and transporting it. No one thinks about the drug cartels and terrorist organizations beyond narcotics. People think it's a 'victimless crime.'

It's fries your brain when not used medicinally.

Quite I can't. At least, I can't offer any logical explanation that would satisfy you. I could only offer reasons that would further frustrate and anger you.

Because some people have a deep-seated desire to control the choices of other people.

Because its unhealthy

@James Because its unhealthy

Give me 3 reasons why alcohol is healthy. But for some reason that's still legal. It's proven that alcohol causes more deaths than marijuana. Not only death in the people that use it, but also death in those who don't(accidents and stuff)

@James Because its unhealthy

Actually, public health concern has nothing to do with why it's illegal, at least not in the states. CO2 of any form is detrimental to the respiratory system, but marijuana doesn't have to be smoked and there aren't extreme physical health problems that THC infested via food or vaporizer would cause (but if people want to smoke it, they should be allowed to unless we're gonna ban cigarette, too.) In fact, while THC can cause short term memory problems (when you stop smoking, the memory problems go away) THC slows down neurodegeneration. Outside of using it recreationally, it can be used medicinally for a lot of things without the horrible side effects many man made pharmaceutical drugs cause.

The reason marijuana is illegal is because hemp is far more industrially useful and could potentially and probably would shut down a lot of big businesses owned by the government. So, the government used racist propaganda, making it out to be a "Black and Mexican" thing, and told the citizens it cause Black and Mexican men to rape White women.

@James Because its unhealthy

Marijuana has caused 0 deaths.

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