In today's society you change channels on your television only to find the basis of it revolving around wealth and desirable needs.

How can America improve our education system by starting with a foundation based on video games, reality television shows and gossip? In an age where "tweeting" is the new talking over coffee.-As a 16 year old i can easilly say it will have a dramatic effect on the future we will soon see. Reality shows such as "Jersey shore" and "The Kardashians" is exactly the junk that defines American youth culture, we consistantly rely on these shows to look up to these fantasy lives so we can escape from our own accord. We need to get our education system back up to par. By removing these shows and replacing it with something more realistic i feel it could dramatically change the way we view eachother and look up not to reality stars and be on top of thier every"tweet" but to the people in society that have structure and can greatly impact our nations youth and well-being.

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Documentaries would teach you something else actually

How lucky I am not to own a TV !

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