What about having some breakout time from Mobile Phone everyday?

Mobile phone became part of our life for some time now. I guess most people if not all , almost all time carrying this device with her/him. Lot of benefits we are getting out of it , no doubt about it. But on the otherside of the coin did we not lost our privacy (in a very broad term though) as well due to this? It can and does ring anytime , anywhere & seems everythinjg became urgent.

Everywhere we talk , we talk in rest room , we talk while driving (though there is law in many places not to , but with bluetooth technology people can sneak through) , we stop playing with kids while got the ring, it breaks our attention while in deep thought and so on.

Interestingly I see everyday while I go for a walk , in a beautiful natural park here in Colombo , almost 70-80% (it's a just guess from observation) walkers are either on phone or on mp3 or ipod. They can not hear birds singing in the park , or sound of air passing through bushes or trees , can't see colors of flower. Wonder what's the point then walking in such nice park (may be they have their reasons).
I personally don't talk on mobile in two situations at least , first while in rest room second while driving.
Now I am thinking what about , if I take a break from mobile may be 1 hour of my active time for may be for just deep thinking or just for nothing.

How about having this practice by all (except someone who is on 24/7 emergency service which is very unlikely) ?

How it can contribute to our personal as well as social life positively if at all?

Will someone who practices that will many important and urgent thing with in that hour ?
Looking forward for your thoughts.

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