If religious fundamentalist leaders believe that the end is truly near, what are they doing to prepare for it?

Many of our elected leaders are fundamentalist Christians who believe in the Bible – literally - and the Book of Revelations that predicts the second coming of Christ, the end of days, the war against the anti-Christ, Armageddon, and etc..

My understanding is that most fundamentalists equate the end of days to an imminent nuclear holocaust, and further, that according to Revelations, the unbelievers will perish as will most Christians and Jews and that only a small number of believers will survive and ascend into heaven with Jesus.

I know younger people who are proud to admit that they can’t wait to die and go to heaven.

As an agnostic, I wonder how I might behave if I truly believed that the end of the world was near. What would I do, how would I act, what kinds of decisions would I make or avoid making?

Many people castigate the suicide bombers who kill themselves and other in the name of some higher power or some celestial rewards, but as Dan Dennett and others point out, 'Dangerous memes" can exist anywhere.

Are dangerous ideas percolating in many or most communities, in schools or in churches or in our legislatures ?

My question is, if many of our national leaders believe in the Bible, as they claim, and believe that the end of the world is upon us, what are they doing in the public arena that reflects their doomsday beliefs? Are they voting against long-term social planning? After all, why plan for the future if there will be no future? If many prominent leaders believe in the literal word of the Bible and therefore believe that that the end is near, that is a dialog that the nation deserves to hear, publicly, openly, and now.

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