Social Inclusion through "informal" educational techniques

Of course I can start talking about my own country and region reality, but I think that most people agree that the more "global" we get, the more we realize that we share basically the same social issues.

One great "phenomena" here in Brazil is that politicians are speaking over and over about "social inclusion", in which everyone can have access to the same ammount of information and public services, regardless of their social, cultural or economic backgrounds. One part of this program in particular has called my attention. It concerns people with some kind of physical deficiency, mostly hearing and seeing (because the other physical deficiencies are less likely to require an enormous change in the teaching methodology).

They don't offer enough training in public schools to teachers (so they can correctly interact with children with special needs), nor they have any students awareness program, so that they can better accept the presence of a "different" child.

I propose civilian actions to make educational material to these two groups (both students and teachers). I'm an illustrator and designer myself, so I would be more than happy to apply my skills in video or animation that could let people to better understand the concept of acceptance of their peers with special needs. I don't have enough space here, but I also have thought of a specific approach of this material. I was hoping to discuss it here, to see if any other solution (or maybe just a suggestion) would come up from the people in this website, specially if any of you know any program similar do the one I'm proposing that is already in progress somewhere else.

Books, booklets, comic books, animations and some extra curricular courses (such as sign language, for example) would be part of the material I originally have imagined. Looking forward for feedback! Best wishes to everyone!

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