Let's go to Mars

If Carl Sagan were alive today, I believe he would be sorely disappointed with the progress we've made in manned space-exploration. In his time, he stressed the importance of further exploring the cosmos through human interaction. Sure we've sent probes and satellites to the planets of our solar system, and they've given us an abundance of data and information on these worlds over the last half-century, but I believe it's time to step it up a notch and blast off to Mars. Those who were around at the time understood the amazing amount of pride and unity felt across the United States when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, and I think it's time for a second fix. The world, not just us, could use a victory right now. and a trip to Mars would duly compensate.

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Why? There's nothing there

@bethanyhall9235 Why? There's nothing there

We can put things there. Human population grows exponentially. Maybe mars can be a second colony.

I totally want to go to Mars. I want to be the first person there.

Who's to say that the people on Mars will let us land?

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