why are some presidents of USA wild about waving wars in other countries? such as the one in Lybia.

Conversation: I used to appreciate the democracy, liberty and alike values promoted by politicians in America. But casting our mind back on the recent decades, you would see that America has taken military actions in other countries for a lot of times, from President Colinton to the current President. It is as a matter of fact bare invation!!! why America troops stride into Lybia since it's the business of citizen in Lybia to deal with their own demonstic affair? I kwow there is a profit-related reason. BUt then why do America pomote values of Freedom, demoncracy, Literacy, Fair and alike to the world while they are acting totally against their own belief? I feel like being fooled~~~I want to know how people in America view the deeds of their government in this regard? and How could they merge what they say and what they do?

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