Use the tax deductions system to spur economic groth, and this is not just another tax cut idea.

I would like to share an idea I had to one, help resort the government budget, and two, to increase economic activity. I have entitled my idea The Non-Profit Employment Incentive: It is outlined in brief below.

The basic concept is for profit businesses large to small, to help employ people who they may lay off, or those who need a job through non-profits. The system would work just like the donation program for tax deductions and so on, only these donations would go specifically to employ people at non-profits. So if company A donates $1 million to a non-profit to hire 20 people for a year, then they would get a tax deduction, and/or reduce liability, and so on.

The two major benefits to this program would be increased employment and economic stability, and increases tax revenue without having to raise taxes. When someone is employed that salary is spent 5 to 7 times in the economy, which also means that tax revenue would be 5 to 7 greater for that money. This should spur economic growth, and make downturns less painful in the future.

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I would worry a little less about coming up plans to improve the economy and a little more on, I don't know, getting an education or finding work.

Corporations "donate to non-profits" all the time -- shell entities that serve for tax evasion purposes.

Non-profits are actually tax exempt in the US, so your little tax idea doesn't compute.

And NPO's aren't just a collection of shitty people with no skills doing useless work. They are still profit-driven, it's just a different ownership system. In an NPO nobody retains any ownership of the company, and after salaries and expenses are taken care of, all profit is saved and reinvested in the company, instead of profit being divided amongst owners, thereby taking resources out of the company.

The news does its best to keep people like you in constant fear that "the economy is on the brink of collapse." It's not. Ooooh -- stock market trading volume is low today? The DOW has plummetted? Do you even know what the fuck the DOW is?? It's nothing!!! It's a meaningless number computed -- literally - by a "secret" formula from various stock statistics compiled from a random selection of companies. SECRET!!!??? OO The DOW IS FALLING OMG and you don't even know what the fuck that means because nobody does and yet it makes you shit your pants. So you come on here, posting your half-assed, terrible ideas to improve "the economy". Just don't sweat it. It's fine. You don't need to save it. You couldn't if you tried, but thank god that doesn't even matter.

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