The Problem: Students don't read enough, and don't write well enough. The solutions: Practice

The first one uses Blogger. Allow students to write blogs detailing everything from assignments, to finding pen pals from across the world, to creative writing. They would get badges for different projects they make. I would call them school journals. It makes online portfolios much quicker for teachers and schools to use. Imagine a child having 12 years of development to donate for educational research.To help fund the project google could run ads about living good life styles sponsored by other non-profit groups. Like eating healthy, tolerance, world hunger support, and so on. The idea being that it helps to motivate the youth to create a society that thinks and cares about others.

The second idea is to use google books. There are many free books, and stories out there and they can be set up for age groups. You may be able to get poets and writers to write exclusive content for students to read. To keep students coming back, the program would use variable reinforcement. This would get kids almost addicted to reading. Every so often the student will be prompted to write so many words abut what they read. The program would detect keywords and sentence structure to award points The opportunities to fill out the form would be random. This is the same kind of reinforcement that slot machines use to keep people playing, but in this example people just win.

The last one is to have the books read by people, so that the students can follow along. Organize this the same way you are organizing the translation on Khan. As the material increases in difficulty parts of the book would be read, then the student will have to read the rest. 5 pages are listened to, then 5 pages are read. This cuts down on reading exhaustion, and helps with language development. This program would also help people to learn written language if they have a simple knowledge of the spoken word. Even poets and wuthors could read their work. Publisger would help support the site buy selling books.

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