lets go back home

me and my sister Salma have been living all our lives in Oman away from our homeland Sudan. but grew up with the dream of going back one day and living there happily. unfortunately our dreams were fading a day after another watching the longest civil war in Africa happening in our homeland. it destroyed everything, education, economy, health and unity of the country leading to partition of the southern part of Sudan. The policies of the government worked during 21 years of ruling in destroying the human being destroying his dignity and self respect killing all the beautiful dreams of the youth and building the psychological fear barrier which prevents everyone from speaking out against injustice. our family started to think that we will never be able to go back to Sudan and live happily there ever.
Here was the point where me and my sister salma started to think about a solution. we thought about Millions of qualified, wealthy, well educated Sudanese people who are living outside Sudan and the country is suffering from poverty, illiteracy, and lack of qualifications. Sudanese doctors are among the best doctors in the world and people in Sudan are still dying with malaria, Sudanese teachers are teaching in the best universities of the world and above 50% of the population of Sudan are illiterate Millions of Sudanese people are building the world outside and our country is being destroyed.
What if All those people go back in groups for at least certain period of time every season or in shifts and try to give something to the country? Free training courses for teachers, classes for illiterate, health care campaign, free language courses and many other things. the country will gain back some of what it lost. children will get education for free. poor people will get medicine and food... and we will finally be able to go back home, live happily and make others happy too.

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